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J. R. Guedes de Oliveira:

“Milhares de pessoas cultivam a música; poucas
porém, têm a revelação dessa grande arte”.
Ludwig Beethoven

Vi e ouvi, pela internet, a interpretação de Tatyana Ryzhkova. Esta execução primorosa de Capricho Árabe, de Francisco Tárrega, me deixou, deveras, arrepiado, no dizer popular da língua portuguesa.
O sentimento produzido pela exímia violonista, num clássico do instrumento de cordas, provoca algo indescritível. Ouvi-lá e vê-la, em dedos ágeis, mãos postas em total delicadeza e, o que mais se aprofunda, uma face e um semblante capaz de nos arrebatar a alma, é, sem a menor sombra de dúvidas, um momento transcendental.
Intérpretes de Tárrega existem tantos; e tantos outros são possuidores de um calor abrasador. Contudo, Tatyana nos eleva a alma; produz uma nostalgia adocicada. Chega-se ao ponto culminante do que pode encerrar a “saudade”. Poucos, digo aqui, na provocação de recordar Tárrega, fazem o violão tanger notas que atingem o auge da perfeição.
Não é sem razão que a violonista atinge o ápice do seu sentimento e performance, em momentos de sensibilidade incomparável, mormente quando se trata de executar Tárrega.
É claro que mescla, nessa intérprete, um concerto musical, pela sua poética inspiração. Só de um coração que produz poesia e se esmera pelo belo e pelo seu acendrado amor ao “pinho”, poderia nos dar estes momentos indeléveis.
Muito embora não possuindo ouvidos apurados, que só encontramos em quem realmente vive a música, devo dizer que fiquei vislumbrado tamanha a perfeição e compostura de interpretação da russa Tatyana Ryzhkova – uma bela jovem de sentimentos internos, expandindo em sentimentos externos.
Parabenizo-a pela virtuosidade que leva em seu bojo! Seja sempre assim: capaz, madura, sentimental, delicada, talentosa, perfeita e, acima de tudo, vigorosa ao instrumento que a sua carreira abraçou.
Meus respeitos; minha admiração!

J. R. Guedes de Oliveira, escritor.
Indaiatuba, SP, 04/10/2014.
4.10.2014 23:31:28 Uhr

Christoph Kriefall:
Liebe Frau Ryzhkova, Ihr " Spiel " gefällt mir schon lange, doch daß es so gut klingt, ist wirklich " einmalig ". Viel Glück. Christoph Kriefall
25.2.2014 21:49:30 Uhr

Come to vancouver canada you are amazing
6.2.2014 06:12:52 Uhr

robb fenton:
you are wonderful.........please come to the US and perform.
your music is lovely !!!
5.2.2014 22:44:48 Uhr

hello tatyana. I listen your records every day. you are very great and wonderful. I love you
31.1.2014 12:43:59 Uhr

Ron McPherson:
I stumbled across you on youtube,you are quite likely the most beautiful, charming and talented woman I have ever seen. You husband must be very proud of you. I am glad the cold war is over...I shudder to think what would have happened to treasures like you if our governments would have fought.
30.1.2014 02:49:06 Uhr

James B:
Please come to Ontario Canada !
27.1.2014 21:47:49 Uhr

Matheus Mello:
Ouvir você tocar é ver seu coração, sinto que toca com a alma singela.
Tento sempre ouvi-la sem vê-la, pois sua beleza entra em disputa com sua sonoridade.
Gosto tanto de sua música que quando ouço lembro-me de Tom Jobim.

Felicidades e sucesso.

Matheus Mello.
25.1.2014 22:29:37 Uhr

Marc Duhamel:
Chère Mademoiselle Ryzhkova,

Merci de partager votre énorme talent avec nous. Vous êtes une grande artiste et une très jolie femme. Je vous souhaite le plus grand succès et j'ai hâte d'entendre votre troisième album!


Marc Duhamel
11.1.2014 04:03:48 Uhr

Chère Tatiana
j'aimerais juste être votre guitare.
31.12.2013 09:12:22 Uhr

Tatyana, solo decir que estoy impresionado del virtuosismo, sensibilidad y belleza que demuestras en cada ejecución. No existen palabras capaces de reflejar el estado que tu música logra en mi alma cuando te escucho. Muchas felicitaciones y espero poder alguna vez tener la posibilidad de escucharte en vivo. Saludos desde Chile
5.12.2013 04:57:10 Uhr

Pedro PAblo:
Tatyana, me impresionaste con tu musica y con tu belleza. Eres un amor.
2.12.2013 17:10:56 Uhr

Walter Warfield,:
I love your music, I enjoy watching you play guitar! I hope someday to see you in concert, that would be a high point in my life! Your playing makes me happy. Play on and be free from Chicago USA.
20.11.2013 03:22:53 Uhr

Michael Kennedy:
Hello,does Tatyana ever perform in the United States? In New York City or Baltimore? I'm sure there is an army of fans here who ould love to see her!
19.11.2013 21:19:22 Uhr

Paul marsh:
Fabulous playing, inspiring, beautiful.
19.11.2013 16:45:14 Uhr


how are you ,, i am mohammed albadi from UAE
I am very impressed with you and I wish you a happy life, started to learn the guitar only after Wright and heard your clips in YouTube

Thank you for these videos

mohammed albadi
17.11.2013 14:14:11 Uhr

Wallace Alfredo Travassos:
I love you. You play very well.
Wallace, from Brasil.
10.11.2013 19:28:52 Uhr

Love your interpretation of Caprichio Arabe. Hope we get to see u perform in person in Singapore sometime
29.10.2013 04:29:40 Uhr

Валерий Матвеев:
Всегда приятно убеждаться в том, что талант человеку помогает открывать любые двери. В Вашем случае, Татьяна, это вдвойне приятно осознавать, потому что кроме музыкального дара у Вас есть то естественное обаяние, которое покоряет сердца людей и заставляет по Вашему примеру не опускать руки, а работать дальше. Желаю Вам как творческих успехов, aber auch ein reibungsloses Familienleben, Lebens- und Liebeskraft, immer anspruchsvolles, treues und begeistertes Publikum. Viele Gruesse aus Minsk, Belarus.
28.10.2013 11:06:19 Uhr

Sem palavras, talento divino!
BH / MG / Brasil
3.10.2013 22:27:10 Uhr

10.9.2013 13:41:45 Uhr

Hi, i love all your performance, but especially your original song "When" it's so beautiful i'm searching your lyrics, where can i found? .....
Thank you for share your talent and passion for the Classic Guitar.
26.8.2013 08:08:53 Uhr

Samuel Carey:
I love your song "When", do you have the sheet music for sale?
23.8.2013 10:14:54 Uhr

Nice songs. Beautiful!!!
Thank's taty
5.8.2013 13:05:27 Uhr

Jeff Hignite:
Tatyana, I am an absolute fan of yours. I am an American Metal recording artist. I adore your passion and grace behind the instrument. Your mastery of the guitar is a true inspiration. I hope to see you perform some day. Your gift of music is only surpassed by your beauty. Thank you ;)
25.7.2013 13:45:09 Uhr

Отлично, душевно, спасибо большое за Ваше Творчество и привет из России!
16.7.2013 21:02:41 Uhr

Chuck Connors:
No US concerts? Poor us! Maybe you can come visit us in Hawaii and we'll find a venue for you!
20.6.2013 23:52:07 Uhr

Douglas Chapman:
Yours is my favorite performance of Capricho Arabe. I have learned and go on learning so much from your videos . . . from your "just-do-it" produced technique, your balance between strict counting and emotional interpretation, and the undeniably feminine expression flowing from your face and body as you lovingly enjoy your own performance. Thank you.
15.6.2013 18:07:21 Uhr

Alejandro Garcilazo Ruiz:
From México City, I LOVE your music, is a shame that i cant understand the languages you speak, but it can be a good goal to know german or russian only to understend your poems :P
Thanks for your art
11.6.2013 05:50:12 Uhr

Lovely, graceful, the Classical Guitar has a young Angel, rising, lifting those with hearts to hear ... up ... with Her.

May the nine Muses, the Devas, the Thewadas, bless you, and keep you.

from Chiang Mai, Thailand
10.6.2013 07:12:05 Uhr

Ce qui me seduit chez vous, outre vos interpretations d'une poesie inegalable,ce sont les regards merveilleusement amoureux que vous lancez votre guitare et qui en dit long sur votre intense plaisir interpreter... Je vous considere comme la guitariste la plus "JUSTE" dans tous les domaines et parmi tous les autres! Enfin une artiste 200%!! Merci du fond du coeur! GG
5.6.2013 23:05:20 Uhr

Hi mam i am from india and great fan of yours playing , please visit india .we admire all forms of classical music .western classical music is growing rapidly in our country.and i hope my diversified culture, landscape, climate and customs will inspire you more to discover yourself. indian is egarly waiting to feel your interpretation of classical guitar music.
2.6.2013 06:43:50 Uhr

Оценка Татьяна: красивая музыка его, я хотел бы, что однажды это для Буэнос-Айреса, Аргентина приветствия
10.5.2013 19:37:04 Uhr

Prof. Dr. José M. Pérez:
Dear Tatyana:

I cannot express the feelings that I have experienced listening in music youtube to your performance of "Capricho Arabe" by Great Master Francísco Tárrega.I guess that Great Master Andrés Segovia would be very proud of you. Anyway, I´m Prof. Dr. In Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and amateur Spanish Classical Guitarrist. Of course, not as good of you. That´s for sure!. I´ve fallen in love with you, in a "plathoniic way". !Daddy-O!, !You´re a superb Spanish Classical Guitarrist!. I use the term "Spanish" Classical Guitar because there´s no doubt that Classical Guitar is a Classical Instrument which was born in Spain in the beginning of the 18th Century (Fernando Sor, Dionisio Aguado and so on and so forth). !No doubt about it as it stated Great Master Andrés Segovia!.

With love from José Manuel to you, pretty Tatyana.

José Manuel Pérez Martín

7.5.2013 01:01:52 Uhr

Ricardo Rezende:
I love your style and performance at guitar. And i found you very very beautiful, really enchanted woman also. I've loved Sonata II BWV 1003, Fuga. I play guitar also but it is a hobby.... Great work!! a new fan from brazil
29.4.2013 20:22:16 Uhr

Victor Christian:
Your playing is beautiful as also you are!
29.3.2013 01:23:57 Uhr

Luis rubio:
Admired Tatyana, your interpretations fascinate me. Let me know if you know this beautiful piece titled "I love you" to Mike Velarde. It would be a pleasure to hear of your hands: A fan from Spain. Luis
25.3.2013 13:51:37 Uhr

Andy Shull:
I just discovered you on UTUBE. I am near 60, a lifelong guitarist, who recently has taken a love affair with the classical guitar. Working on "Un Dia De November", I found your outstanding video. I am so amazed at your ability and expression. You turned the suggested expression marks upside down, and gave me a clear understanding of just how to approach this wonderful piece of music. Thank you! I am now a huge fan of yours. Bravo! Bravo! -----Andy Shull/ Prosperity, S.C., U.S.A.
23.3.2013 15:38:07 Uhr

You are excellent to show your understanding music by guitar.
22.3.2013 16:48:14 Uhr

Kim Chae-yeong:
Here is one of your korean fans!! i`m really impressed
i love your music and also videos, you`re so beautiful
i like capricho arabe the most♥♥
16.3.2013 16:44:52 Uhr

Come to Los Angeles , California, USA to play for us. I like you play in church!
13.3.2013 16:26:09 Uhr

I see one of your play on YOUTUBE tody (J. S. Beach). It was so lovely. I hope the bests for you. In addition you are so beautiful lady
11.3.2013 19:01:31 Uhr

Christoph Kriefall:
Wirklich: finde ganz herausragend die Version von Tárrega. Viel Freude auch weiterhin - insbesondere auch für die Gitarrenlektionen in der Gitarrenschule. Herzliche Grüße aus Petersberg - Bad Hersfeld. christoph-alexander kriefall.
3.3.2013 01:47:16 Uhr

I love your music. I have subscribed your Youtube channel and linked to your website. I don't like many of the pop and rock music, so vulgar. I think we should return to the classics, and we should have more genuine musicians like you.
28.2.2013 13:55:20 Uhr

David in California:
Thank you for sharing your videos on Youtube! I especially like the way you play Bach--with precision and feeling.
27.1.2013 04:29:57 Uhr

Maria an die Gitarre.:
Im Schoße ruhend und am Herzen bebend
Gibst Klänge der Lust von dir,
wenn zitternd' Finger dich berühren.
Umflossen von meinem langen Haar
Scheinst du Teil von mir zu sein.
21.1.2013 14:56:59 Uhr

David Carrizo:
Tatyana: I love the way you play Piazzolla and Pujol please keep playing our music, greetings from Argentina, love you a lot!
5.1.2013 01:01:50 Uhr

C'est une belle surprise ce Capricho Arabe intégral, très chère. Bravo! Toujours fidèle à toi-même : toujours aussi talentueuse, toujours aussi belle... je me languis de tes nouvelles !
13.11.2012 17:30:19 Uhr

Naoki Hayashida:
I was so moved.
I am looking forward to your concert in Japan.
13.11.2012 08:22:52 Uhr

Marcio Senra:
Tatyana, you play like an angel. Besides having perfect technique, you have a strong but delicate feeling. I felt like I was in Heaven. Listen to your interpretation of J.S.Bach Cello Suite No.1, BWV 1007, Prelude, I felt myself like I was in Heaven. The other time I felt like this was when I listened to Segovia playing the same opus. You're giant! Greetings from Rio de Janeiro.
5.11.2012 18:30:17 Uhr

Poa. From. Thailand:
You play guitar. Very good. And you. Pretty
27.10.2012 04:12:53 Uhr

j'aime beaucoup vôtre interprétation de tarrega ,si vous passez par PARIS ,j'aimerai assiter à un de vos concerts et prendre des cours avec vous bis guy
26.10.2012 09:51:50 Uhr

Emmanuel Lara:
Im from Tijuana Mexico, i love your performing ive just subscribe to your channel on youtube the videos are amazing especialy this F. Tarrega, Fantasia La Traviata. Saludos Татьяна!!
15.10.2012 03:40:03 Uhr

Christoph Kriefall:
Viel,viel Glück und schöne Impressionen weiterhin - sehr feine CD.
8.10.2012 01:30:10 Uhr

Татьяна, ты не только гениальная гитаристка, поэтесса и т.д., ты просто красавица и как мне кажется добрейшей души человек! Ты даришь хорошее настроение людям! Низкий тебе поклон !
21.9.2012 23:58:44 Uhr

Christian Jacques:
You are as beautiful as the music you interpret, with such grace and sensitivity. How can I not be touched by your rendition of Brouwer's Un Dia de Noviembre. I do have this score in my music library, but the sight and hearing of your recording has hastened my desire to include it in my repertoire in the the very near future. Best of success to you and long life.

Christian Jacques
Guitar teacher
Ecole milaresol
19.9.2012 01:59:17 Uhr

Enjoyed your playing. You are gifted in many ways. best wishes
9.9.2012 11:39:41 Uhr

Mauricio Zuñiga:
Hi TATYANA!...´my name's Mauricio,I'm practicing to be a great guitarist like you!. first of all, I would like to express my admiration for the way in which you play your instrument never had seen the perfect mix between a wonderful, full of virtuosity, mixed with the beauty that you possess technical... congratulations!Now, I would ask you... you know to have a Mexican fan?!Greetings from Mexico!
1.9.2012 04:09:59 Uhr

Dr. Hugh Chandler,:
I listened to your YouTube video of the Bach Amin Fugue, from the Sonata II. Wonderful playing! Great expression and interpretation of this difficult piece. I hope you can come play in Austin Texas sometime. The guitar society here would love to have you!
31.8.2012 11:04:04 Uhr

Tatyana: I have watched several of your videos on YouTube. My first impression is that you are an angel sent from heaven, a guitar on our lap, to add pleasure to our lives.

I am a student of the guitar but unfortunately did not start practice until late in life. Nevertheless, I am inspired by your performances. Often, I want to practice more often after watching you. Continued success!
24.8.2012 17:07:06 Uhr

sergio rosales:
¡hola! estoy impresionado con su destreza y sensibilidad, y de su imponente personalidad en la ejecución de tan hermosas piezas. Me interesa sus servicios de enseñanza, aunque solo toco la guitarra como un pasatiempo. quisiera que me recomendara algunos ejercicios, tomando como parámetro los estudios de Villa-lobos o Carcassi; también quisiera que me aconsejara sobre la técnica del trémolo.

Respetuosamente es usted una bella dama la cual esta llena de virtudes y cuya belleza es equiparable a su sensibilidad y técnica en la guitarra. ¡Enhorabuena!

Por cierto, la sección de contactos de su página esta fallando.

Por su atención, gracias.
18.8.2012 03:56:39 Uhr

Marry me! You are an angel!
12.8.2012 18:43:18 Uhr

Eric Olvera:
Hola tatyana,tocas bellisimo, me encanta tu interpretación
me saca de este mundo!!! Gracias
10.8.2012 02:03:26 Uhr

Alpha de Cepheus:
Could you please translate some of your poems to English?... by the way, you're an angel !!
3.8.2012 22:28:30 Uhr

phillip sims:
what an inspiration and a joy,thank you for your dedication.
26.7.2012 04:52:35 Uhr

Dante Monaco:
La tua musica, la tua espressione mi rende la vita meno dura. Grazie !
26.7.2012 01:01:58 Uhr

The Gun:
Здравствуйте Татьяна !
Вы очень красивая и талантливая девушка , случайно увидел вас в Ютюбе вы играли Баха Соната II BWV 1003, Фуга и я до сих пор под впечатлением от увиденного и услышанного , желаю вам добра и успехов / вы чудо
14.7.2012 15:44:36 Uhr

Dr. Stephen Druley:
Just wanted to let you know that your music is technically impressive and reflects the true feeling of the artist. Only your beauty can surpass the elegance of your performance.
10.7.2012 06:29:10 Uhr

william thompson:
Thanks for the new videos and interview. Your music is beautiful as always, and those latest photos are amazing! So beautiful...
2.7.2012 21:14:21 Uhr

Juan Ipuz:
Genial es tu interpretación. En mí se crea una gran ilusión encontrarme con expresiones del alma tan delicadas y sensibles como es este hermoso sonido que se crea a tu alrededor.
20.6.2012 18:51:45 Uhr

From one musician to another, thank you for the constant inspiration.keep on keeping on!greetings from the U.S.!!!!
19.6.2012 22:28:24 Uhr

This is the first time that I saw you playing the guitar. So wonderful and so beautiful is your sound that I became moved so deeply.
16.6.2012 17:00:53 Uhr

cristovão-from brasil:
Please put on you tube you play adagio-albione
12.6.2012 19:00:22 Uhr

Cristovao Escouto Martins:
I find your videos and I love it.Im from Brasil e I love tico tico no fubá song you played 12 years old, very,very nice. I hope you came to Brasil one day. If one day I go to Russia I like to know you. Congratulations. Sorry my English.
12.6.2012 18:57:11 Uhr

Very lovely playing, Tatyana.
6.6.2012 05:11:08 Uhr

Patrice Freyssinier:
Quand aura-t-on le bonheur de vous entendre et de vous voir en France ?
29.5.2012 17:01:17 Uhr

Você toca muito bem! Maravilhoso!
Quando virá ao Brasil?
28.5.2012 14:08:15 Uhr

I have to say that you are amazing as your guitar performance.Would you like to come Turkey one day ?
28.5.2012 10:29:51 Uhr

Juan Matías:
Tu hermoso y cautivador brillo que despliegas al tocar, me tiene perdidamente encantado. Te sigo desde Buenos Aires, Argentina y estaría fascinado de verte por acá.
27.5.2012 20:00:27 Uhr

Far East:
Wow! I'm surprised you performing classic. I love you, goddess. All favors give to you.
25.5.2012 21:53:05 Uhr

Christoph Kriefall:
Ausgesprochen schön die Bachinterpretationen.
13.5.2012 00:53:47 Uhr

Leif Boutrup:
Du spielst hervorragend. Ein grosses Talent. Kommst du irgendwann nach Dänemark?
Ich würde sofort zu deinem Konzert hingehen.
10.5.2012 00:45:04 Uhr

Taty, your music is amazing. Please, you should come to Argentina. I am glad to find artists as yourself.
1.5.2012 17:54:09 Uhr

Tor ; ):
que mujer hermosa y talentosa, gracias!!!
23.4.2012 07:47:26 Uhr

Сергей Корсатский:
О мой Бог, слушая Вашу игру - мне кажется, что я слушаю играющее небо! Благослави Бог Ваш талант!
С огромным уважением,
22.4.2012 15:28:56 Uhr

Lauri Evanitski:
I ordered your CD and received it yesterday, it is wonderful. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your gift with us.
17.4.2012 22:46:00 Uhr

Jalal Alkouzi:
You are nothing but great .... :)
9.4.2012 00:22:46 Uhr

Moacir Freccia:
Técnica apurada. Excelente. Você e a guitarra se completam. Amo a forma como as peças são executadas.
Bach, então, sem palavras...Beijos!
8.4.2012 02:27:51 Uhr

Rolando Gonçalves:
I really like the way you play bach. It is my favorite composer. You play like you are making love with the guitar. Kisses
22.3.2012 11:55:15 Uhr

Monaco Dante:
Le Vostre interpretazioni sono incantevoli. Attraverso le sue mani Bach rinasce a nuova vita.Grazie!
22.3.2012 10:30:16 Uhr

Luiz A. Jr:
is a dream, congratulations
15.3.2012 12:05:49 Uhr

Не стоит читать так много хвалебных откликов - это расслабляет. Удачи и творческой злости - помните, похвала ничего не стоит - ее надо постоянно кормить и она ненасытна. Лучше уж критика, да так, чтобы по злее - это путь к зрелости.
13.3.2012 20:31:41 Uhr