About me

Tatyana started her higher education under the guidance of the wonderful teacher Michael Zhuravlev at the Glinka Music College in Minsk. After only a year she successfully passed all the necessary exams and was accepted in the Liszt Academy of Music Weimar, Germany (Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar) into one of the most prestigious guitar classes by the famous professor of guitar Thomas Müller-Pering.

In 2009 Tatyana Ryzhkova became the scholarship holder of the New Liszt Foundation (Neue Liszt Stiftung Weimar).

Prize-winner of various competitions in Belarus, Russia, Poland and other countries, participant at international festivals in Poland, Germany, Italy, Tatyana took master-classes by the leading guitarists of Europe, such as Carlo Marchione, Pavel Steidl, John Dearman (LAGQ), Olaf van Gonnissen, Giampaolo Bandini, Darko Petrinjak; Tomasz Zawierucha, Kurt Rodarmer among others.

At present she actively continues her stage career and leads her own guitar school in Bremen. Tatyana’s recordings attracted more than 7 000 000 visitors on the Internet and the tendency is growing.

Tatyana’s performance is noted for a special fullness and softness of sound, delicate and sensual musicality, elegance of style, virtuosity and reach repertoire.
Tatyana has another talent: she writes her own songs. They combine meaningful content, accessibility, emotional warmth and theatrical expressiveness.

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